A value for money public sector

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Driving up efficiency throughout the Combined Authority

Working together across the North Midlands to deliver a better future for the area, helps to open up new opportunities for greater collaboration and integration of local services.

Sharing experiences through closer working will help to benefit local taxpayers as we look at opportunities to deliver even better value for money.

Pooling resources will make sure responsibility is shared to deliver promises to deliver agreed priorities for business growth, transport and regeneration.

Making it better for people living in the North Midlands

We believe the benefits are significant and include:

  • increased certainty that major improvements to transport and new business sites will be delivered
  • improved quality of life through economic and environmental regeneration
  • more efficient and better value-for-money public services.

North Midlands Devolution Deal

The North Midlands Devolution Deal was submitted to Government in December 2015.

The deal sets out ten key benefits devolution would deliver for the residents and businesses of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. 

Read the North Midlands Devolution Deal [PDF] and the summary document [PDF].