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Affordable homes to meet the needs of local people

We want to see more homes built in our area to tackle the acute shortage of decent and affordable housing.

Devolution will give local authorities new opportunities to secure extra Government funding for house building.

We’ll be able to make the most of empty and derelict sites to build homes that people need and to open up new areas for development, including land owned by the Government.

Significantly, we will be given the authority to make sure our existing development plans, designed to set out our vision for the area, can become reality by streamlining existing planning processes.

Making it better for people living in the North Midlands

We believe the benefits are significant and include:

  • new growth and investment to create more jobs – with additional benefits for supply firms
  • tailor made financial support to help small businesses to expand and increase their competitiveness
  • 100% access to high-speed fibre broadband for businesses and residents – putting the North Midlands in first place to maximise the benefits from e-commerce.

North Midlands Devolution Deal

The North Midlands Devolution Deal was submitted to Government in December 2015.

The deal sets out ten key benefits devolution would deliver for the residents and businesses of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. 

Read the North Midlands Devolution Deal [PDF] and the summary document [PDF].

What does it mean for you?

Read the stories about how devolution could help to transform people's lives for the better.

The examples are illustrative, using demographic and statistical information. They are not based on real people.


undefinedJamie graduated from university and moved back home with his parents. The job market was crowded and he couldn’t find a job locally that matched his qualifications. His only good job offer was in London but he didn’t want to move that far away from home. Jamie wanted his own place but renting was unaffordable while he was doing part-time bar work and he didn’t have the savings to put down a deposit on a house.

Jamie is now enrolled on a graduate programme based at a major industrial park. The park was built by the combined authority next to the M1 and tax incentives and green subsidies attracted companies designing green technology. Jamie is working on the latest low-carbon car engines and the company has a contract with a locally-based car manufacturer. He now lives on a new housing estate that was built to support the jobs created at the industrial park – and the best thing is it’s a 10 minute public transport journey ride work. The local authority helped Jamie and his partner put down a deposit with their help to buy scheme – matching whatever Jamie saved up to a maximum agreed at the outset of their savings plans.