Jobs and skills

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Giving people the skills to secure their future

We want to make sure people have the opportunity to achieve their ambitions, with skilled jobs and the right training in place to help people find work.

Our plans are ambitious and will give us a real say on developing 100,000 apprenticeships for young people, supported by a top quality, region wide careers service.

We want to make sure support to help people into work is properly and effectively co-ordinated with a one-stop job advice service, combining the skills of local authorities and Job Centre staff to work together to offer employment and benefits advice to local people.

Making it better for people living in the North Midlands

We believe the benefits are significant and include:

  • making sure people have the right skills to get the jobs on offer from local businesses
  • helping young people feel inspired to work and to develop skills to secure their future
  • getting more people the help they need to get into work, particularly the long term unemployed
  • working with businesses to make sure skills taught in the area match the needs of their workforces.

North Midlands Devolution Deal

The North Midlands Devolution Deal was submitted to Government in December 2015.

The deal sets out ten key benefits devolution would deliver for the residents and businesses of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. 

Read the North Midlands Devolution Deal [PDF] and the summary document [PDF].

What does it mean for you?

Read the stories about how devolution could help to transform people's lives for the better.

The examples are illustrative, using demographic and statistical information. They are not based on real people.

Sarah and James

undefinedSarah and James were worried about the future for their two children, Sophie and Amy. The traditional industries that guaranteed work for local people when they were kids have all but gone – a lot of jobs seem to be low-paid and zero-hours nowadays. University is something they never had the opportunity to do and it would be an ambition for the kids – but the debt is frightening. And is there a job guaranteed at the end of it all?

But the future is looking a lot better now. Sophie has left school and started an apprenticeship with a large engineering firm – she gets paid to learn with a guaranteed job at the end of it all. There’s an obvious career ladder and next year she’ll start an engineering degree at a local university – half of it paid for by the council and the other half by employer.

Amy is in her last year of school and has been on placement to businesses around the county every Friday. She really enjoyed shadowing a hotel manager – there has been a lot of investment in tourism and the faster direct trains have meant more tourists and more jobs. Amy has secured a job as a hotel and catering management trainee starting after she finishes her BTEC course.


undefinedIan left school when he was 15 with only a couple of qualifications and spent the first 10 years of his working life down the pit. It was hard work and dangerous but the job was secure, the pay decent and he enjoyed the banter with his work mates. But after the pit closed he went from job to job: carpet fitter, labourer, factory work and caretaker. At times Ian has had to rely on benefits and life wasn’t easy for his family - they haven’t had a proper holiday for eight years.

Thanks to the new skills programme the council started Ian has got his first secure job since the pit closed. He didn’t really like school and was anxious about learning – but he actually enjoyed it. He got three GCSEs in Maths, English and I.T. The tutor made it practical and relevant. Ian now works for a multi-national logistics company that moved close to East Midlands Airport when the free trade zone was set up. The airport is the second biggest cargo airport after Heathrow and the tax incentives has seen a lot of large firms move to the area. Ian now works in a team that organises the flow of goods that come into the airport and are transported across the country.